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Quake III Gold (Pc/Eng).

Quake III Gold (Pc/Eng).

Quake III Gold (Pc/Eng)
Year: 2000 | PC Game | Developer:id Software | Publisher:Activision | 950 MB
Genre: Action (Shooter) 3D / 1st Person

Many centuries ago Vadrigar, the mysterious owners of the Arena, built the eternal arena for their own amusement. Virtually nothing is known about these creatures, except that they savor the carnage and call of battle. Also, they gathered to do battle in the arena of the most skilled warriors of all time. And you have just joined their ranks. “As a gladiator in the arena, you must not only survive but also to defeat all protivnikov.No only one warrior will be awarded as the winner. The victorious gladiator is moving to other arenas, as long as, Finally, he or she will face Ksaero – God of the Final Arena.

In the gold edition includes: Quake III Arena and the official addition to it – Quake III Team Arena

Quake III Arena – the cult video game in the genre of multiplayer first-person shooter, published by id Software December 2, 1999, the third in a series of games Quake and the first not having a full-fledged single player mode.
There are two modes of play: Single Player and Multiplayer.

Quake III: Team Arena – PC game, addition to the game «Quake 3: Arena» in the genre of multiplayer first-person shooter developed by id Software in 2000. It includes dozens of new maps, 3 new multiplayer game modes and weapons, the main innovation, as the name implies, a team game modes. Overall, the gameplay the game is similar to the previous game, «Quake 3: Arena», except for some items that appeared in this supplement.

Multiplayer – has 5 modes of play;
Free For All – mode “every man for himself”;
Deathmatch – Fight to the death;
Team Deathmatch – command mode;
Tournament – Tournament 1vs1. Players compete in pairs at a time on a “winner with the next”;
Capture The Flag (CTF) – Capture the Flag. The aim – to capture the enemy flag and bring it to their “base.”

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows 98/XP/Vista
Processor: Pentium II ® 300 Mhz or AMD ® 350 Mhz K6 ® -2
Memory: 64MB RAM
Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX ®
Video: 3D accelerator 16 MB video memory c supports OpenGL
Free hard drive space: 1.5 GB

Installing Quake III Arena:
1.Montiruem image
2.Zapuskaem installation
3.Vvodim CD-Key

Quake III Gold (Pc/Eng).

Quake III Gold (Pc/Eng).
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Quake III Gold (Pc/Eng). :

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