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Apple iOS 6 Beta 4 (Ipad3)

Apple iOS 6 Beta 4 (Ipad3)

Apple iOS 6 Beta 4 (Ipad3) | 3.28 GB

the latest body of equals in age of Apple’s mobile software instead of iPod touch, iPhone and iPad, has for good been unveiled – and from what we’ve seen in the way that far, it’s going to have great pleasure an awful lot of iOS users.

Passbook is Apple’s recent e-tickets app, enabling you to import electronic tickets for anything from sports events to level travel, or to have a digital faithfulness card. The tickets update too, in the same manner for example your airline ticket would emit you a notification once your departure gate was announced or changed. Hopefully enough firms will support this one to acquire it work for all our everyday bits and bobs.

iOS 6 has ~y improved phone app:
The revised phone app offers smart reminders, so for example you be able to reject a call with a message saying you’re busy, on your street, lost in a forest… You be able to also be reminded to call someone back which time you leave your current location. The unused Do Not Disturb mode is particularly nifty: when new messages arrive, they observe so silently and without the screen lighting up. If you wish, you be able to also tell your iPhone not to put an end to calls from a list of favourite callers, or to automatically taciturn repeat calls from the same someone.

iOS 6 has Facetime over 3G:
To sum up the truth, we’re amazed it took in the same state long. If this takes off, the inconstant operators will be very sad. Unless we use it abroad, in which case they’ll exist dancing on great big piles of our coin .

iOS 6 has a brand of recent origin Safari app:
There are lots of useful improvements here: Instapaper-style offline prelection, iCloud tab syncing and photo sharing website integration to make uploading less hassle. Less wonderfully, Smart App Banners empower websites to tell you about their sodding iOS apps greater amount of easily, which is just brilliant. Who in the midst of us hasn’t thought, “man! I wish greater degree of websites told me about their iOS app forward each visit!”?

iOS 6 Mail has VIPs and contest to refresh:
Pull to refresh is in the present state! Yay! You can also create a prefer of VIPs whose messages will wear the ~ance on your device’s lock cloak and in a dedicated, separate mailbox. Sharing photos or videos from in the limits of Mail is finally here too, of the same kind with are per-account signatures.

iOS 6 photo sharing is again selective:
Instead of sharing everything through everyone, you can choose which photos should be shared with which people. We’re not unerring why you’d use this sooner than, say, put a friends-only album on Facebook or Flickr. Anyone?

iOS 6 makes Siri greater degree of serious, and puts it in cars:
Siri is proficient to understand a wider range of questions than in the van of – the demo showed it understanding questions not far from sports scores, statistics and trivia, booking restaurants and verdict out what’s worth seeing at the cinema – otherwise than that as yet it’s unclear that, if any, of these features decree make it to the UK. Local inquiry is being rolled out worldwide, nevertheless, and there’s support for to a greater degree languages.
Siri is also going volatile: the new Eyes Free feature desire put a Siri button on the steering wheel of Jaguars, Land Robers, BMWs, Mercs, Toyotas, Chryslers, Hondas, Audis and GM cars. The manufacturers be in possession of promised to support the feature in the next 12 months.

iOS 6 brings Siri to the iPad:
…but that only the new iPad.

iOS 6 has Facebook integration:
Apple promises “the most of all Facebook integration ever in a movable device”, and to our eyes it looks bonny much the same as iOS 5′s Twitter integration: you be possible to post photos, locations, URLs and for a like rea~n on to annoy your friends. The API is general, so non-Apple apps can interest to Facebook too, and you’ll have existence able to see your Facebook friends’ App Store recommendations.

iOS 6 has guided audience for children:
The new Guided Access lineament enables you to disable certain accomplishments of the screen so that children have power to’t accidentally hit the wrong buttons. We’re going to appliance it on the in-app hold icons in every kid-targeted iOS pastime. Hahah!

iOS 6 has a unused Maps app:
New York, London, Paris, Munich, everybody’s talking on the eve – iOS 6 maps! Well, maybe not, except Apple’s much-rumoured mapping connected view finally breaks cover. It’s moderately, will have traffic information, doubles to the degree that a sat-nav system with become transmuted-by-turn navigation, can be controlled via Siri and will probably be rubbish outside major metropolitan areas in the UK. Still, the commencing Flyover 3D views of major cities are sweet.

iOS 6 should be adopted extremely quickly:
Unlike other mobile operating systems, iOS isn’t dependent on mobile operators approving updates: in the manner that a result 80% of Apple’s 365 the public iOS customers are using the latest iOS, compared to 7% of Android users. Once iOS ships, look for a similarly speedy take-up.

iOS 6 doesn’t labor on everything:
iOS 6 supports iPhones from the 3GS onwards, the fourth formation iPod touch and the second and third part generation iPad. Check our story notwithstanding more on iOS 6 compatibility.

The iOS 6 acquit date is Autumn:
iOS 6 was released as a beta today, but the decisive version will ship in “this Fall”.



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