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Kolor Autopano Giga 2.6 (Mac Os X)

Kolor Autopano Giga 2.6.0 | Mac Os X | 48 MB Kolor Autopano Giga is a software dedicated to the creation of panoramas, virtual tours and gigapixel images. Based put ~ Autopano Pro software and including altogether its featues, Autopano Giga goes more distant beyond the creation of panoramas: sew your images in 360°, export them into Flash equivalent tours, link the tours together… in the same state many possibilities to present in a recently made known way all the photos and places you wish for to share. Resolution matters? Autopano Giga in addition enables you to stitch in a enroll time several hundred or thousand images to cause photos of several gigapixels. New interface Autopano Giga 2.6 has a reinvigorated look! Dark gray predominates, allowing you to advance your images like never before. Changes require also been made in the user interface. Saving the workspace Autopano Giga allows you to husband your workspace to quickly locate tot~y current projects the next time you be parted the software. Customizable layout The Autopano Giga interface is customizable. You have power to enable or disable certain components, propel them or even make them into competent windows. The best image stitching technology in the globe Behind Autopano Giga’s harmlessness and ease of use lurks a stitching engine based on advanced algorithms. The idol stitching technology (SIFT) included in Autopano Giga was developed of the same kind with part of a research project at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver (Canada). It has been mathematically proven to have ~ing the best technology in the cosmos at recognizing similarities between images. Analysis and automatic classification of a batch of images Do you bring forth a folder or a memory card replete of photos? Launch detection on every part of images; Autopano Giga groups together singly those images that make up panoramas and ignores tot~y irrelevant images. No need to designate the order of images in harvested land view: Autopano Giga will find them through itself. The detection power of Autopano Giga is a great deal of better than the human eye, in the same state the software can find relationships that you force have missed visually. Manual editor of mastery points For difficult image stitchings, Autopano Giga antecedently offered a control points editor to constuprate the software to add links in user-defined areas. Version 2.6 goes to a greater distance by allowing point-by-point by the hand addition of links between adjacent images. There is none reason to miss a stitching, yet complex. Automatic color and exposure improvement Autopano is the only image stitching software to alto gether resolve the color and exposure equation. Joins between adjacent images are flawless, both in disguise balance and in exposure. Make your shots in the same manner with you see fit, even in self-moving mode: the software will take care to be married your images. Even better: you have power to choose a reference image that decision give its color temperature the others, and at the very time adjust the color and exposure amendment image by image. Neutralhazer® anti-fog filter Finally get rid of the fog that can ruin some of your view panoramas. Autopano Giga 2.6 provides a dominating tool that removes the whiteout of your photos: a function based on the latest scientific figure research. Specifically, the software analyzes the images pixel through pixel and shows the color of each pixel according to its depth in the fancy. Programmable exposure fusion Exposure fusion allows the blending of bracketed images, charge the best colors for each exposure. This increases the color dynamics and creates a balanced panorama, self-same close to reality. Example: If you photograph a play from inside, the window giving to the outside may appear completely white, completely overexposed, or by conversion, the interior may be dark bound the exterior will be visible. Exposure commingling of multiple photos allows you to fulfil both interior and exterior colors, to get a balanced and natural image, closer to the kind of you see with the naked fix the ~ on. Autopano Giga enables exposure fusion and provides settings as being adjusting the fusion and the impregnability of dark and light tones. Generating HDR images Not to subsist confused with the concept of exposure fusion, the HDR (High Dynamic Range) output in addition augments the color dynamic range from bracketed images, but that in a color space not viewable without ceasing standard screens. HDR export is serviceable for post-treatment in a dedicated software program. Autopano Giga has pair HDR export formats: .hdr and .exr. If you but need to maintain the best distort for each exposure for display steady screen or print, opt for exposure fusion function. Support of Adobe® Lens Profile calibration parameters Autopano Giga supports Adobe ® Lens Profile calibration profiles. This allows you to automatically mend distortions, chromatic aberrations and vignetting, depending up~ the body your lens model. You can download the calibration contour for your lens with Adobe® Lens Profile downloader, or appoint your own calibration profile in Adobe® Lens Profile Creator and in that case import it into Autopano Giga. Easy straightening of panoramas Autopano Giga integrates various tools to help you adjust the alignment of your panorama. The greatest part talked about tool is probably the vertical lines tool: draw a line ~ward what should be vertical (monument, tree, upholder…) and realignment is automatic. You be possible to also manipulate the panorama with your peer to visually adjust the horizon or drift a rotation. Different projections for dissimilar applications The projection is the aspect in which the images of your panorama are stitched contemporaneously; whether this is on a plain, a sphere or cylinder … it every one of depends on the kind of panorama and its subjects considered. If you want to make a 360° panorama, you have power to choose the cylindrical or spherical plan. If you have a panorama that includes architectural monuments, you ability prefer to retain the rectilinear process, which will preserve their straight lines. Autopano Giga has 4 types of protuberance and can automatically select the most suitable projection for your panorama. Automatic clip Autopano Giga can crop your panoramas automatically, preserving the maximum image surface. You can also manually reframe your panoramas, whether lavish hand or by applying a ratio (e.g. 3:1). A button likewise allows you to retain the not notched sphere (360° x 180°). Auto modification of moving objects During shooting, it often happens that people or objects incline. In this case, a typical blend of images creates ghosting (transparent artifacts) in the overlap baldric. Autopano Giga 2.6 includes a novel anti-ghost blender, applicable even attached gigapixel images. A world first. Stitching presets The definitive assembly of your panorama implements diverse settings and algorithms according to the sort of your panorama and the desired disguise correction. To make the choice easier, Autopano Giga offers pre-configured stitching profiles. For pattern, simply select “Anti-ghost” thus that all settings adapt to a panorama in which objects have moved. Of course, you be possible to also make all the settings manually, of the same kind with with all Autopano Giga automation. Export to multi-bed. PSD Autopano Giga can of path generate your panoramas in JPG or PNG, because of example, but can also export to PSD, PSB or TIFF files, including layers. This creates a document containing both the stitched panorama and the individual images, such you can make any edits you straits in Photoshop®. Batch rendering manager To husband you time, Autopano Giga incorporates a amount-rendering manager. You can prepare several panoramas, place them in the queue and that time run all renders. You can in consequence go away and come back later to obtain all the panoramas generated. Support in spite of motorized panoramic heads Autopano Giga supports motorized panoramic heads, including Panogear, Gigapan, Merlin / Orion, Clauss Rodeon. This module allows you to significance images and logs from your motorized panoramic adverse sessions; the assembly is faster and greater degree reliable, even for panoramas composed of hundreds or thousands of images. Creation of modified image layers In the panorama manager, you can classify the different images that put in order up your panorama according to distinct different criteria: aperture, bracket, speed, focal remoteness… You can also classify them according to your confess criteria. Sounds interesting? You will subsist able to create layers according to the chosen test and thus to separate the regions of the panorama to export them individually and arrange greater editing freedom. With automation, it’s a cinch You be able to enable all the automation features of Autopano Giga: automatic detection, automatic color correction, automatic disguise histogram, auto-cropping, and even automatic rendering, saving the project file and automatically closing the program! It is a very great time saver, especially if you obtain dozens or hundreds of panoramas to have ~ing created. Batch processing of images through third-party software Autopano Giga allows you to put processes to batches of images ~ dint of. invoking third-party scripts. This be able to be useful in processing your images before assembly. You can call different types of scripts, as far as concerns example to produce focus stacking. Plug-in help Autopano Giga 2.6 supports the employment of plug-ins, enabling you to lay upon additional processes to your images. There are popularly three plug-ins: Neutralhazer® for the obstruction of fog, the batch processing of images ~ the agency of third-party software and the Adobe® Lens Profile stopper-in, which supports calibration files. The plug-ins library is naturally suited to sacrifice maximally useful tools to process your images in advance of stitching. Interface languages: Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Spanish. Homepage:

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