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ASPLinux Server V Update 2 i386

ASPLinux Server V Update 2 i386

ASPLinux Server V Update 2 i386 | For 32bit Servers | 2.93 GB

ASPLinux released a new version ASPLinux Server V Update 2

Version : ASPLinux Server V
Developer : ASPLinux
Platform : Linux
Compatibility with Vista : No
System Requirements : Hardware Requirements (Minimum)
Company Aflex Software, the official representative in Russia, CIS and Baltic companies ASPLinux, a leading provider of services-based operating system Linux, announce a new release of server distribution, ASPLinux Server V Update 2. The Software platform ASPLinux Server V Update 2 has a number of technological improvements and innovations.
Major changes in release Are made ??in the field of Virtualization and Security subsystems. Virtualization capabilities Built Into the operating system, the work of Support Systems, Including up to 64 physical processors and 512 GB of memory. The new OS WAS updated Xen 3.1.2 hypervisor with Support for NUMA architectures and Improved Support for architectures x86/x86-64. Improvements to Support iSCSI allowed to place the root Volume on the iSCSI-Servers.
In the operating system ASPLinux Server V Update 2 includes updated versions of Additional Open source applications. In Particular, users of the new OS Will Have a beta version of the updated browser, Firefox 3.0 and Thunderbird 2.0 Email client. In addition, the distribution of the new OS contains updated versions of graphics Drivers, Audio, network Devices, AS well AS SATA controllers and SAS. In ASPLinux Server V Update 2 includes support for the database server and application server business automation systems for small and medium-sized enterprises 1C version 8.1.
About Aflex Software
Company Aflex Software – represents the Interests of Russian and Foreign Software companies in Russia, CIS and Baltic COUNTRIES. Aflex Software products represents the leading companies Developing Software for Linux, Security and Storage, Building fault-tolerant Systems, Virtualization, and Dynamic Separation of computing Resources. Work closely with Software companies and the Exclusive rights to the Distribute Software Allows Them many of the Company to Aflex Software Partners to offer the Most favorable Conditions for the supply of Software products in the Shortest Possible time. The Company Itself set the Task of reducing the path of necessary software from the supplier to the distributor, dealer or customer to a call or contacting us.
About ASPLinux
ASPLinux Company – a leading provider of Services-based operating system Linux. Offered by a set of Services is the Most Comprehensive on the Market and includes Technical Consulting, design, Development and Technical Documentation, Development, Implementation and Support of Software Solutions for the key , But Not Limited to Them. The presence of the Company’s Own ASPLinux distribution of the operating system Linux, the Most popular in the Former Soviet Union, using the latest Advances in Software Development, Advanced Technology, Thoughtful and Professional Development Process CAN CREATE high- Quality and cost-Effective Solutions. Prominently in the Company Takes training to work with Linux and Certification of users, the Delivery of customized Solutions to computer makers and Other hardware. Among Partners and customers ASPLinux – leading Russian and International companies, Government Agencies and Educational institutions.

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