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OnOne Perfect Mask 5.0.1

OnOne Perfect Mask 5.0.1 | 487 MB
Perfect Mask is the nearest generation of Mask Pro, the leading software for office and change the background forward the images. The designer provides a locate of 12 intuitive and convenient tool conducive to masking objects. The technology used allows you to occasion unique paths (masks), consisting of a wide number of control points and at the same time be true to colors as accurate and clean the edges of variegated objects, from large to tiny and cunningly devised details such as hair, smoke, glass …

The next generation of actors Mask Pro mask and replaces the background is easier than for~ and is now working directly through Lightoom. OnOne Software, Inc, a chief developer of innovative solutions allows to preserve time for professional and advanced amateur photographers, today announced ideal mask 5, the nearest generation of Mask Pro, which is interest of the Perfect Bridal Photo 6, that was also announced today.

OnOne Software, Inc is fully reconstructed from scratch Perfect Mask 5, incorporating the unaccustomed technology of masking, which makes the election of subjects and replace the background in addition automatic and intuitive. Simply hold the engagement over the area to be sequestered and the Perfect Mask creates the in the first stages mask, which may be adapted to exercise with simple hand tools. If you determine judicially a solid background, it is automatically deleted. Perfect Mask works well through small details in the picture: hair, haze, fur animals, glass, even if they are in compages backgrounds.

The main advantages of Perfect Mask 5:
• New Keep and Erase Tools: New tools to aid you apply the brush stroke in the circle to be removed, and the Perfect Mask automatically blow up a brushstroke, absorbing similar colors and textures.
• Refine Tool: tool on the side of refinement of small complex parts. In complicate areas, such as hair, tree branches or marriage veil, use the Refine Tool tool to automatically take away the background and any color fringes.
• Background Library: unused library of high quality backgrounds – the firmament, sunset, walls, etc., will provide every easy way to replace the repulsive backgrounds.
• Automatic Solid Background Removal: when it detects a hard background, strong color Perfect Mask automatically deletes it. This is ~ model of perfection for removing the background after the shooting steady a green or blue background.
• Flexible Previews: flexile system allows you to see the preview in certain time and the results of masking the model side by side. This saves the time required to switch the pretence on or off for testing. There are six contrasted ways to preview a mask, to such a degree that users can choose a proper option for them.
• Members Perfect Mask be possible to take advantage of powerful new features that cause masking easier and faster, but it retains everything the tested tools of Mask Pro, in the same state as a drop, color dropper, Magic Brush.
• Perfect Mask works expressly with Lightroom and as a standalone persistency, but it continues to work taken in the character of a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Elements.

How to operate with Perfect Mask
1. After starting the program have a mind prompt you for a file to what one. you wish to edit.
2. Perfect Mask starts through the module layers Layers. Here you be possible to download a new background or download it from bibltioteki backgrounds Background Browser software and blend it with the foreground.
3. Then excellent the module Mask, make the inevitable adjustments, click Apply (to apply) and you go to the module layers Layers, to rescue the file.

The program’s interface:
Layers Module in the left row of tools:
• Transform Tool – mental action and transformation layer
• Trim – craw images
• Masking brush – a encounter to apply a template transparency
• Masking wallet – a tool to extract the region masking
• Retouch Brush – Brush to avtomaticheskikogo retouching and removing artifacts: removes dust, spots, lines and other petty details distractions from the main trope.
• Pan – hand to move the statue in the preview window
• Zoom – a magnifying glass.
• Flexible Previews – fashion switch windows view: single, double and be riven vertical or horizontal,
• Show / Hide Inspektor – beneficial button to enable / disable panel shape tool, if any
• Top right navigating officer on the picture showing the observable area of ??the image.
• Right in the central part layers palette. Layers can move, blot out, copy, merge, change the blend modes.
• Right at the ship of the palette with the settings a masking ~wood.

Mask Module
• Keep, Drop and Refine Brushes – Brush with the three main functions for the withdrawal and adjustment of the background
• Masking Brush – Brush to apply the template of transparency, to confirm certain areas of the layer.
• Magic Brush (Magic Brush) – to prefer areas of the image of a similar parameters
• Chisel – (chisel) to carry the halo
• Blur – Blur tool
• Paint Bucket – a bucket of beautify to fill the gaps and the Gulf, the rejection of defects.
When choosing specific settings you faculty of volition have more tools to manually arrange the mask: Pen (Pen) and Color Dropper (disguise picker)

The next generation of Mask Pro masks subjects and replaces backgrounds easier than ~more and now works directly from Lightoom. onOne Software, Inc., a governing developer of innovative, timesaving solutions instead of professional and advanced amateur photographers, today announced Perfect Mask 5, the nearest generation of Mask Pro, that is sub-division of the Perfect Photo Suite 6 that was too announced today.

Perfect Mask 5 has been completely rebuilt from the real property up and now includes new masking technology that makes the continued movement of selecting subjects and replacing backgrounds in greater numbers automated and intuitive. Photographers can merely brush over the area to have ~ing removed and Perfect Mask will occasion an initial mask that can have ~ing fine-tuned with the easy to application touch up tools. When Perfect Mask 4 detects a substantial background, it is automatically removed. As through Mask Pro, Perfect Mask works well without interrupti~ tough subjects like hair and glass, so much as when they are on complex backgrounds.

Key Benefits of Perfect Mask 5:
• New Keep and Erase Tools: With the fresh Keep and Erase Tools, you loosely rencounter areas to be removed and Perfect Mask automatically expands the skirmish stroke to include and select areas that be under the necessity similar color and texture.
• Refine Tool: Mask from one side subjects that were challenging to visor before with a simple swipe of the Refine Tool. In tough areas like hair, tree branches and espousals veils simply brush with the Refine Tool to automatically destroy the background and any color fringes.
• Background Library: The modern library of high quality backgrounds provides ~y easy way to replace an repulsive background in an otherwise great resemblance. Choose from skies, sunsets, walls and muslin backgrounds, correct to name a few.
• Automatic Solid Background Removal: When Perfect Mask detects a wealthy color background it can remove it automatically. This estate that when shooting on a safe color, Perfect Mask does all of the masking toil for you. This is perfect on the side of green-screen shooting.
• Flexible Previews: View the pretence and the image side by margin to see the masking results in veritable time. This saves the time spent toggling masks on and off to impediment work. There are six different ways to preview the visor so that users can pick the the same that works best for them.
• Maintains Classic Workflows: Mask Pro customers be possible to continue to use the tools they are gratifying with but will reap the benefits of dominating new features that make masking faster and easier. Perfect Mask includes wholly of the tried and tested tools from Mask Pro like the endure and drop color eyedroppers and the Magic Brush.
• Works Where You Do: Perfect Mask works forthwith with Lightroom and even as a standalone appliance. It will continue to work being of the cl~s who a plug-in to Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Elements concerning those who prefer that workflow.

What’s new in Perfect Mask 5.0.1
* Improved doing and stability
* Defect correction

System Requirements
• Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
• OpenGL 2.0 admitting graphics card with 256 MB dedicated video fame, 1280×800 or higher
• Adobe Flash gambler 10
• Administrator privileges to install and do away with
• Microsoft. NET 3.5 Framework (installed automatically allowing that not available)

The ability to integrate
• Adobe Photoshop CS4, CS5
• Adobe Photoshop Elements 9, 10
• Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 or 3


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