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Anthemion Jutoh 1.40

Anthemion Jutoh 1.40
Anthemion Jutoh 1.40 | 13.8 MB

Jutoh makes it natural to create ebooks in popular formats that you be possible to sell on many ebook sites. Create your frame in seconds from existing files using the New Project Wizard; or create your book from scratch using the built-in styled passage editor. Select a book cover design from Jutoh’s template, or be the occasion of your own cover design with the built-in protect editor.
Jutoh Benefits:
Fast to signification your existing content, whether in body , HTML, or OpenDocument.
Fast to cause your Epub, Mobipocket or other format.
Fast to annotate and emend content and switch between variations of your ebooks.
Jutoh is written in C++ in such a manner runs at top speed – no frustrating delays.

Multi-platform design
Jutoh runs ~ward Windows, Mac, Linux and various other Unix-based systems, and you can easily copy your files between machines of divergent kinds. One licence can be used without ceasing multiple operating systems simultaneously; and rest secure that if you buy a various kind of desktop or laptop, you slip on’t have to leave your fashion of working behind and buy of recent origin software.

Create ebook variations rapidly
Thanks to Jutoh’s configurations, you be able to describe differences between versions of your work – a different cover, a different style page, different formatting – all without needing detached projects. Just select a different figure and click Compile. This is very precious when you are distributing ebooks using variant sites with slightly different requirements.

Ebook checking gives you intrepidity
Jutoh installs Adobe’s EpubCheck and EpubPreflight variegate programs, so you can easily chide your Epub book for internal errors or problems that might arise by specific readers. The checkers are extend within Jutoh, so you don’t be the subject of to mess about with invoking the applications yourself.

Store kindred material
Jutoh lets you store body , picture, and web notes together by the book content. So if you’re literary production or editing your ebook within Jutoh, you can easily refer to your notes or hoard text that doesn’t yet get a place.

Jutoh Features:
Jutoh supports passage and text formatting. You can cast up custom paragraph styles to the built-in styles, and you be able to specify custom CSS for each denomination (or the whole style sheet) whether required.

Cover designer
Jutoh’s embody designer lets you quickly create a unmixed cover design for your book, and a tell off of templates are provided. You have power to change the layout of a design and sum up more text and pictures; keywords in the design are updated automatically from the book’s metadata.

Jutoh lets you customise self-acting replacements (for example, replacing (c) with -) and also does automatic quotation reinstatement.

Multiple format export
Jutoh exports to Epub, Mobipocket (suppose that the kindlegen application is available), ODT, individual-page HTML, and text.

HTML, subject, ODT, and Epub import
Jutoh imports from a expedition of formats. Using an application in the same state as or the OpenDocument plugin in spite of Microsoft Word, your existing word processor files have power to be saved in ODT (Open Document Format) in spite of import into Jutoh. Or you have power to import from plain text or HTML, or some existing Epub ebook.

‘Configurations’ allow wide customisation
Jutoh’s configuration facility allows you to set bounds to a version of your book that has its have a title to cover, style sheet, and even variations in satisfied (such as a title page with text specific to a web position or publisher).

Configurable ebook launching
You be in want of to check that your book looks worthy on a variety of ebook platforms. Jutoh lets you sum viewer applications so you can easily select the desired ebook reader for viewing your generated part.

Spelling checker
Check for typos by the built-in spellchecker, available in a enumerate of languages.

Keyboard shortcuts for lofty-speed editing
Use keyboard shortcuts to gain editing your projects fast and artless.

Online Manual
The comprehensive online of the hand documents all aspects of Jutoh.

Help window
The save window allows you to browse Jutoh manuals from in the limits of Jutoh, side-by-side with your moil. You can maximize it to take up the total window while reading a topic, or unpin it to evince it in a window of its possess.

Scraps facility
You can keep your examination and random ideas: notes, pictures, and paper and web links. On Windows, conversion to an act auto-paste to quickly paste scraps through copying text, graphics or web links two times in succession in any other assiduity.

Access to tools and applications is to be availed of via the Jutoh Desktop. You have power to customize the desktop look, add your favourite applications and documents, and originate text and picture notes. You have power to even create a rolling slideshow of pictures to inspire you.

USB memory key support
Jutoh has showy support for external drives, such viewed like USB memory keys. You can use an external drive for your documents and because of all your Jutoh preferences, and you be possible to even install Jutoh entirely onto the prosecute for complete portability. You can afterward switch between different machines and operating systems, seizing all your documents and settings by you.

Backup Facility
The File Manager tool gives you an easy way to back up your very valuable files, without resorting to an more tool. Specify File Sets that embody all files of a given sign, and create a backup with virtuous a few clicks. You can also easily restore files from a backup archive.

A global make ~ tool helps you search all your unreserved documents, allowing you to see the whole of the search results in a like and step through them.

Shows your image and collage scraps in succession, in a window or well stocked-screen.

Specify notebook and magazine font styles and sizes; and enliven up window backgrounds with the supplied textures, or your have.

OS : Win XP/2000/Vista/Win 7
Language : English

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Anthemion Jutoh 1.40

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