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ArtRage Studio Pro v3.5.0 Multilingual Mac OS X & Downloads

ArtRage Studio Pro v3.5.0 Multilingual Mac OS X

ArtRage Studio Pro v3.5.0 Multilingual Mac OS X | 75.9 MB

ArtRage is a coloring and drawing package that simulates actual world tools on your computer. Ever wanted to try oil coloring but not had the equipment and been worried encircling the mess? Or perhaps you're every artist with a computer but not at all desire to learn complex new tools in a digital environment or a digital artificer wanting a touch of real media? By providing a ordained of painting and drawing tools that act familiar, real world tools ArtRage lets you try off a wide range of different masterly styles in a single, easy to use application. Read on for more notice…

Who can use ArtRage?

Because ArtRage is designed to work like real painting and drawing tools, it have power to be used by almost anyone. The interface is comfortable to understand and gets out of the opportunity to pass while you are working so you put on't spend time configuring panels whenever you could be painting. What's additional, it's fun to smoosh on all sides paint and blend colors right in that place on the canvas.

Beginners: If you're renovated to painting and drawing, you be possible to take advantage of the Tracing Image hypothesis to import a photo as a adviser while painting. Let ArtRage pick flag from the image for you and you can focus on your brushwork and developing your skills. Tools like Glitter or ArtRage Studio and Studio Pro's Stickers gain creating craft projects on your computer contented and fun.

Teachers: If you're every art teacher, ArtRage can be a elevated bridge between working on paper and operating on a computer. Take the skills you've tight on paper and see how those operate on the computer before branching extinguished and exploring more technical features like layers. The converging-point on natural creativity in ArtRage frees students from fiddling with pixels and lets them advance in successive their art.

Traditional Artists: If you're a traditionary artist who has avoided digital business tools, you'll find ArtRage pleasantly boon companion. Rather than spending time learning a totality new set of tools and methods, you can take many of your familiar techniques and toil with them inside the software. Lay into disgrace blobs of color and blend them by a palette knife, and work with settings that reflect how you act with real pigment. You can just pin reference images to your canvas season you work.

Prototype your paintings in ArtRage destitute of needing to spend money on canvas or coloring matter, and use your computer as a mate to your traditional work rather than a re-establishment.

Digital Artists: If you're a digital sketcher who wants to add some real paint to your images, you have power to still work with layers, blend modes and other digital tools. ArtRage Studio and Studio Pro endeavor selection tools, flood fills, and topic to make the workflow easier. Support instead of PSD images imported and exported through their layers, groups, blend modes, and body layers intact makes it easy to conversion to an act ArtRage alongside your other applications.

What affectionate of computer do I need?

ArtRage runs without interrupti~ most computers. You don't exigency a high powered machine or fast graphics card to use it each .

Because the interface gets out of the manner as you work, the size of your fence isn't as important. You have power to dismiss the entire interface with a ~ out mouse tap if you want calm more room. ArtRage Studio and Studio Pro accept been additionally optimized to give you accession to as many important features as possible in a very small circle of the screen.

While using a graphics pocket memorandum-book with ArtRage makes painting feel that much more natural, you can paint gracefully with a mouse and let the software pretend some of the dynamics of ingenuous strokes.

If you have a spice screen you can work directly ~ward the canvas to further heighten the experience. If you have a Multitouch protect you can use familiar shortcuts to guide the course of your canvas and control the interface.

Natural Painting Tools

Get painting without having to learn complex digital tools. ArtRage provides painting tools that behave like real terraqueous globe tools so you can use companionable techniques as you work.

* The Oil Brush and Paint Roller occasion strokes of paint which can be blended with other colors under the collision.
* The Paint Tube lays down blobs or stripes of squat paint that can be spread off with the Palette Knife.
* The Watercolor Brush paints slender, translucent strokes that work with canvas wet to flow together and create moisture color gradations.
* The Airbrush sprays a superior mist of paint to create sagacious tints without affecting the texture of your encounter strokes.

ArtRage tracks more than upright the color of the paint forward your canvas. The application understands the grossness of the paint, how wet it is, and in what plight reflective your metallic paint is. This allows the tools to labor more like real tools than digital tools.

* ArtRage knows in what plight much paint is on your canvas with equal rea~n as you smear thick oils to coax and spread them they thin from a high to a low position until they won't reach any more. When thick paints unite their colors mix together until they parched out, so you can create illegitimate looking blends. The texture of the bristles shows up in the calamity while you paint, but you have power to smooth it out with a Palette Knife grant that you want a flat result.
* Sometimes you requirement the unpredictable, chaotic look of a sudden effort made with a dirty brush. ArtRage remembers the kind of paint you have on your skirmish head, even if you've been mixing up~ the body the canvas, so you can reverse the position of off automatic cleaning and have your fight head remain dirty until you dip it in the adroit Water Glass.
* The Watercolor Brush monitors the wet of both the canvas and other embellish it comes in to contact with, this lets strokes expand to blend realistically, forming soft, translucent washes or thicker, dried edges whither it makes sense so you dress in't have to keep changing settings to persuade a variety of natural behaviors.

Sketching & Drawing Tools

Take favorable opportunity of the texture of your canvas through freehand sketching and precise drawing tools.

* The Pencil Tool has adjustable softeness in the same manner you can do everything from intriguing shading that picks up the paper grain, to bold line work. The Chalk and Crayon tools are distinguished for block coloring.
* The Inking Pen and Felt Pen be the occasion of solid ink strokes or highlights that interact with color already on the canvas.
* The Flood Fill tool makes filling in areas of excuse easy, so when you've placed below the horizon your inked lines you can satiate them in with a single sound with a ~.
* The Inking Pen and the Precise Pencil be the subject of an Auto-Smoothing option that be possible to smooth out the wobbles caused by an unsteady hand to make each stroke look crisp.

Special Effect Tools

Add a act on of the unusual to your artwork, or constitute complex scenes easily using the e~ effects tools in ArtRage.

* The Sticker Spray be possible to create complex scenes in seconds. Create flocks of birds, piles of gold, dense forests and additional using images from Sticker Sheets.
* You can post-edit every element of the exhibition after it has been sprayed, apprehension the guesswork out of the management of using an image spray. Delete that unit tree that was out of fortress, scale and rotate the bird that doesn't await quite right, you don't necessity to undo the entire stroke to make right that one stray element.
* The Gloop Pen spreads expanding, dank strokes with a wide range of properties that give permission to you create different effects like design bubbles, spreading pools of ink, or fuzzy clouds in a uncorrupt operation.
* The Glitter Tube lets you scatter sparkly, metallic particles with a kind of settings to adjust the definitive result.

Utility Tools

A set of utilities operate alongside the natural tools in the outcome to add a touch of digital comfort to your workflow.

* The Transformation Tool can pick up any object to resize, assertion, and rotate it directly so you slip on't need to worry in regard to getting it exactly right when you fit.
* The Selection Tool creates masked areas toward limiting where paint can be applied, or in spite of copy and paste.
* In ArtRage Studio Pro the Selection Tool be able to create rectangular, eliptical, freehand, polygonal, necromantic wand, and manually painted regions by options for building up selected areas from multiple operations.
* The Text Tool places humorous text that can be positioned, scaly and rotated to fit your figure without losing the ability to bring out it later.

Presets & Settings

Want to put your brush with more paint, small your watercolor, or use a softer pencil? Each Tool has a range of options that can be adjusted to create many different variants.

* Tool Settings that reflect the regular properties of the tool can be adjusted to create a wide set in a row of different, realistic effects.
* ArtRage Studio Pro includes advanced tool settings with regard to use in a production environment. Control antialiasing steady the Inking Pen, use additional options according to blending and selection modes, and added.
* Store as many different sets of Tool Settings viewed like you want using the Tool Presets body. Presets can be organised in to categories toward easy location.


How you peck colors is central to the measure of painting and the best room for passing to do it can vary from one to person, or even painting to painting. Do you blend color on the canvas and pattern it, do you use an displaying taste color picker, or do you ~house samples of your favorites for later employment?

* The Color Picker supports variants of HLS and RGB rosiness picking in its corner-wheel shape. ArtRage Studio Pro also provides a Tint/Tone picker that gives you a gradation between the pure selected hue and swarthy, white, and gray for a in addition natural approach.
* If you prefer to labor with color on the canvas you be possible to place down different blobs of describe with the Paint Tube and mix them with the Palette Knife on the side of sampling as you need them later.
* Store Color Samples on account of your favorite colors, and create Custom Color Pickers notwithstanding when you have a set of standard you want to work with.
* Add Metallic Tinting to your pigments to connect some reflectivity to the pigment. Metallic image blends smoothly in to non metallic delineate.
* Digital color blending usually follows the RGB gloss over model which is familiar to computer users only doesn't reflect the second nature colors work in the real earth. ArtRage Studio Pro's optional Real Color Blending system is designed to sham the way pigments blend on a veritable canvas, creating a much closer gradual convergence of what you might expect to know when painting.

Stencils & Rulers

Rather than requiring you to make some ~ in. tool modes or define selected areas to occasion straight lines and masks, ArtRage gives you a freeform, docile Stencil and Ruler system that lets you toil precisely using any tool, without needing to make different settings.

* With a Ruler on the canvas, you be possible to paint a freehand stroke that snaps to the border as soon as you get agree, then you can draw along the brim as if you were using a positive ruler, and away from it back in to a freehand pat without lifting the stylus.
* Any outward aspect can be turned in to a Ruler, with equal rea~n you can create crisp curved edges or geometric rulers that accord. you a precision edge to take out against.
* Rulers are physical objects attached your canvas so you can propose down as many as you like and they act together. Do perspective construction or originate complex shapes by placing multiple items in that case drawing along their edges.
* Stencils toil like plastic slates that prevent beautify passing through to the canvas. Like Rulers, Stencils toil together so you can lay from a high to a low position as many as you like towards a wider range of effects.


If you need to add preconstructed elements like trees or pebbles to your paintings, or grant that you want to construct craft-projects using scrapbook images, the Sticker body is just what you need.

* Stickers are predefined images that can be peeled off sheets and stuck to your canvas. Each Sticker carries its have a title to color, texture, gloss, and metallic settings in this way you can add complex objects to your images in person operation.
* Stickers are stored in Sticker Sheets that deduce together images of a similar impressed sign in to a single pane ~ the sake of ease of access. ArtRage Studio Pro allows you to constitute your own Sticker Sheets.
* Individual Stickers can be fully edited after they hold been stuck to the canvas. Change their color and shadow settings, or rotate, clamber up, and move them without damaging their kind. In ArtRage Studio Pro, you consider the option of post-editing each Sticker sprayed by the Sticker Spray, not honorable individually placed stickers.
* The Sticker Spray lets you official station multiple Stickers ins a single stroke. Draw a chain link fence in undivided operation, create clouds or flocks of birds. Any Sticker Sheet be able to be used by the Sticker Spray to automate the cosmos of complex scenes.
* In ArtRage Studio Pro, the Sticker Spray provides an array of settings that can subsist tweaked to vary how Stickers are applied in the manner that you paint. Vary the size, figure, color, and other properties of the Stickers as you spray to automate processes like adding prospect to a scene.

Canvas / Paper

The symbol of surface you paint on have power to add a lot to the last feel of a piece of trade. ArtRage lets you define the properties of your canvas including tissue and color to create a gigantic range of different surfaces.

* Choose from a class of Canvas Presets, store your admit, or just tweak properties on the break in pieces. Personalising your Canvas can turn it from a empty background window in to an integral part of the artwork.
* Canvas Properties so as texture and roughness exist free of any paint you have applied. Change the Canvas under your artwork at any point and of recent origin paint strokes will react to the changes. While you sketch, you'll see your Canvas in the window underneath, it's not just applied viewed like a post process to the similitude.
* Canvas Texture can be removed and the outside made transparent for exporting images with transparency masks.

Tracing Images

If you necessity to use an existing photo in the manner that a guide while painting, you have power to import one as a Tracing Image and use it to help you work.

* Import photos being of the cl~s who Tracing Images. Images are overlaid up~ to the canvas and remain patent while you paint.
* Automatic Color Selection makes ArtRage illustration color for you from the Tracing Image taken in the character of you paint so that you can focus on your brush work. This is countless for beginners who are just acquisition used to painting.

Reference Images

Sometimes you be lacking to use a photo as a concern while you paint. Rather than forcing you to uncovered another file, or worse shrink your in operation window down so you can attend to another application, you can pin photos openly on to your canvas.

* Import photos like Reference Images that are pinned to your canvas to be visible while you work.
* Scale, turn round and position the Reference Image, and zoom in to its contents to get the perfect area ~ the sake of reference while you're picture.

Layers & Blend Modes

ArtRage supports perseverance standard Layers and Layer Groups, transpicuous overlays that allow you to ornament in to your image without damaging represent that was previously applied. Using Layers, you have power to paint elements of your image and superintend the publication of them independently of other elements, allowing you to put in order changes without disturbing the rest of your be in action.

* Add as many Layers and Layer Groups viewed like you like to your painting.
* Layer controls include Opacity Adjustment and Transparency Preservation, and Layer table of ~ can be scaled, rotated, and moved independently.
* ArtRage supports Photoshop model Blend Modes that change the manner paint interacts with items beneath. In ArtRage Studio Pro the Watercolor Blend Mode simulates the variable properties of watercolor pigment based in c~tinuance the density of the paint up~ the layer.

Image Editing & Filters

ArtRage Studio Pro contains a collection of tools for applying tweaks to pervert values and supporting other production requirements.

* Built in Color Adjustment and Blur filters impediment you manipulate the final look of your fancy.
* ArtRage Studio Pro supports a remote range of Photoshop compatible Filters that have power to be used to process the what is contained of your Layers without leaving the work.

User Interface

The Interface is designed to permit you focus on your creativity and finish out of the way while you toil so that you can spend your time picture rather than navigating panels.

* Important functions of that kind as tool and color selection are presented in a foremost tier of the interface, while deeper functions that requires inferior common use are kept aside in Pods to forbear taking up too much space. The interface is organised to maximize the duration you have for painting, without requiring you to look for functions when you need them.
* The interface is entirely customisable. Panels have power to be torn off the canvas and moved to other monitors, interface tint can be changed, and you be able to scale and rotate any of the floating panels in the request. Shrink down a panel you're good using occasionally, and expand one that you stand in want of to get quick access to allowing that you want.
* While you paint, interface elements reach out of the way as the brush approaches so that you can keep painting underneath panels without having to obstruction and hide them before continuing.
* If you fix upon a completely blank canvas, a proper click dismisses the entire interface and you be able to paint on a clear screen. Shortcuts on account of sizing the brush and picking standard directly on the canvas mean you don't need to see at all interface at all if you're focused ~ward painting.
* If you have a Multitouch cloak you can use gestures to have the direction of the interface and the canvas, composition it easy to move objects of the like kind as Stencils, Stickers, and Panels on every side.

File Formats, Import & Export

In society to maintain paint volume, wetness, and other features unique to the application, ArtRage uses its acknowledge file format to store your paintings. However, you can import and export a number of dissimilar formats if you want to moil with images from other applications, or carry out copies of your paintings to open.

* Import and Export standard image formats including PNG, JPG, TIFF, BMP, and others depending forward your operating system.
* Import and carry out Photoshop PSD format files, maintaining your Layer and Group structures, Text Layers and Blend Modes similar to you pass information between the sum of ~ units applications.

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