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VAS Flash DVDs (2011-2012)

VAS Flash DVDs (2011-2012)

VAS Flash DVDs [2011-2012] | 7.39 GB

VAS Flash DVDs [2011-2012] – the latest software updates during the term of the control units of cars VW, Audi, Scoda, Seat. ISO toast to DVD or mount a substantial drive, using the VAS 505X update the rectilinear-hand car. Also present in the congress Collection of labor standards and prices since spare parts Scoda.

Latest software updates since the control units of cars VW, Audi, Scoda, Seat. ISO parch to DVD or mount a equivalent drive, using the VAS 505X update the just-hand car.

Collection of labor standards and prices
In the contribution are retail prices in U.S. dollars granted by Exist.
The next column later the price – Note to the cost where
1-delivery in one ~light, from a warehouse in Moscow
* Average prices notwithstanding the Moscow region
• Labor Standards are based forward the standards of the manufacturer.
• All standards bring reproach the total time that in the play of a range of works in of the same family parts, you must consider the time to overlapping operations.
• Labor Standards specified in hours (since example: 1.50 = 1 hour 30minut).
- Replacement – mode standard labor to replace a characteristic part
- Repair – means standard labor to repair a undoubting part
- Color – means the standard of labor to describe a particular part
- (Fr. …) – means the flush of the standard labor konkrektnoy details this operation usually paint replaced or repaired qualities.
• Painting – includes standard color on the surface details
Colouring zamenemoy part – includes model full-color parts (if necessary, surface and inside)
Colouring repaired parts – includes the hue of skin of the standard parts in instance of damage of less than 20% of the entire items.
• The labor standards for quite types of paint including all supplemental work associated with the preparation of the document, surface cleaning, priming and more.
• Time limits on the side of replacement include the time of subtraction, the installation of the part itself and the time to refund the external components of this detach.
• Time limits for repairs are declarative and not binding. Time to repair is the time to repair the surface of a small area (up to 20%) in an accessible location.

ABS-impede braking system
A.I.R. -Air Blower
DERM-checking module supplies power
ECC-system toward electronic climate control
ECS-process command system for emissions
EGR-exhaust aeriform fluid recirculation system
ETC or TC-antiprotivobuksovochnogo restrain system (E – E)
SIPS-safety a whole that is activated in a verge collision
SIR-power steering
SOHC-single in kind overhead camshaft.

VAS Flash DVDs (2011-2012)

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