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Digistudio Bilingual

Digistudio Bilingual | 9.8 MB

Your digital camera have power to probably generate also small videos. An animalscene, a fall, an arrival of railway train, a melodious scene can bringnot only life in the static glide show, but also the original air-bladder . Evenvideos on DVD can be played while burdened with certain conditions before the staticpicture background. An especially vainglorious image quality deliver the already mentioned vector animations. They make themselves to the screen resolution and be able to produce in the full screen each conceivable scene excellently. In addition in this place one more example. With these possibilities rises DIGISTUDIO well c~ing the usual conventional and digital slide show. Every slide show can teach pictures. To show text looks clearly divers. But only with text the slide show also in case of the weight by third becomes usable. If you destitution to give away a CD of your fкte-day impressions, text is inalienable, e.g., in the mould of subtitles. But also the wish instead of show titles and intertitles with different graphic design is legitimate. Or in what plight one gets, for example, a myth, a poem or quite simply a chapter from the journey over diary in the slid show. DIGISTUDIO offers peculiar and elegant solutions. But DIGISTUDIO offers equal more on the subject text.

DIGISTUDIO – Picture in image
How often it gives for a prime mover one or more detail images which could stretch the slide show of the same kind with independent pictures artificially and don't positive the connection so well. For case in point, a castle and his architectural minor circumstances or a mountain pasture and some insect or a natural monument and the tip board. DIGISTUDIO can indicate at in the beginning the main picture and then fade in partial pictures successively in preferable size, position and border design. Indeed, this trait goes in the direction of multivision color and brings change and movement in the unsophisticated sequence of same-format pictures.

DIGISTUDIO – The photo archive
What are the requirements in quest of a photo archive? It must gripe ready called drawers for pictures belonging together. It must be possible to activate a ~ out complex in every situation immediately. The characteristic search for pictures, e.g., to the "Eiffel Tower" fustiness be possible. In the end, it be obliged to be possible to call the pictures sequential successively, in what way by a normal presentation. It be obliged to be possible to save the archive in successi~ CD or USB stick and to refund it on another computer in the replete achievement circumference. It must be practicable to combine the pictures with suddenly and long descriptions and to display the descriptions optionally in connection through the pictures. All these demands … and quiescent some more fulfils DIGISTUDIO – the photo archive.

Television in HDTV opens a commencing and fascinating perspective for the classical slip show. DIGISTUDIO in the rating of 16:9 HDTV givs put ~ a modern television a brilliant representation in connection with a laptop. Due to Adobe Flash can keep up DIGISTUDIO up to the highest possible resolution of 1920*1080 pixel. All full of life features of DIGISTUDIO are available in unobstructed of graphic varieties, like title, subheadings, subtitles, charts, theme spots and videos. In addition be possible to be used also during a re~ in connection with the television across 25 control functions. A DIGISTUDIO appearance cannot be shown with a DVD player. While with videos only few ascendency functions are possible, allowed a DIGISTUDIO semblance the use of an animated showing cursor, some interactive picture list with preview and test function, the scrolling of panoramas or picture documents, the turning in more large texts, the invisible sound control, purposeful jumping to a image and much different one. In addition the production of a high-energy video for DVD player takes different hours. If only one individual orthography mistake is to corrected or person individual picture is to be deleted or shifted, is this large procedure to be repeated. A DIGISTUDIO bestowal is after each change immediately executable.

Public presentations
Digital technique replaced the classical slide. No more blur by thermal enlargement of the film material. No dust, nay scratches, no fading of the colors. No changes of the magazin of slides, ~t one jam in the projector. Inplace of manifold magazins of slides one CD or DVD is plenty, which starts automatically without preparation and which one can also multiply and bestow away. DIGISTUDIO can fully hide the computer statue. Windows screen becomes invisible befor starting and in imitation of ending show. Invisible volume control. Switched off Mouse cursor. Instead operating with catch mice and pop up menus is it potential to operate with keypad. Switched without ceasing or off attractive special cursor in lieu of laser pointer.

DIGISTUDIO – The specifical Internet slideshow
DIGISTUDIO can also make accrue Internet presentations with an unusual aliveness. DIGISTUDIO guarantees a activity atypical for Internet slide shows. Even whether for reasons of the loading ages not all Features of the limited DIGISTUDIO presentation are available, essential additions be able to be used fully like title and definitive animation, subheading, subtitle, cross fading, individual vector animations and vigorous text spots. The pictures are built up not get the ~s on by bit, but are preloaded and indicated barely when they are fully loaded. An list bar illustrates the loading state. A browser translation with full achievement circumference is to be turned to account for the Intranet. Test the DIGISTUDIO Internet move smoothly show

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Digistudio Bilingual
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Digistudio Bilingual :

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