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ADINA System v8.9.0 (x64/x86)

ADINA System v8.9.0 (x64/x86)

ADINA System v8.9.0 (x64/x86) | 354 MB

The ADINA System offers a the same-system program for comprehensive finite component analyses of structures, fluids, heat transport, electromagnetics and multiphysics.

A brief descripton of the diverse ADINA System modules is presented in the world of sense:
- ADINA Structures
The premium finite simple body program for linear and highly nonlinear analyses of solids and structures.
CFD program toward the analysis of compressible and not to be compressed flow with state-of-the-astuteness capabilities for moving boundaries and self-moving remeshing.
The ADINA EM module provides capacity for solution of the general Maxwell’s equations, governing electromagnetic phenomena. The resulting electromagnetic furniture can be also coupled with liquid and gaseous flows.
- ADINA Thermal
Module for the make hot transfer analysis of solids and domain problems.
The ADINA FSI (liquid structure interaction) program is the ruling code used by industries for to the full coupled analysis of fluid flow by structural interaction problems. This module is to be availed of to users who license both the ADINA Structures and ADINA CFD modules.
This module provides capabilities instead of thermo-mechanical coupled (TMC) analysis, including resolution of contact with heat transfer. By licensing as well-as; not only-but also; not only-but; not alone-but the ADINA Structures and ADINA Thermal modules, the user automatically has audience to this module.
- ADINA Multiphysics
The ADINA Multiphysics parcel includes all ADINA solvers for solids and structures, degree of temperature transfer, CFD and electromagnetics as well similar to multiphysics capabilities such as fluid-conformation interaction, thermo-mechanical coupling, porous media, piezoelectric, Joule heat-producing and many more!
- ADINA User Interface
The ADINA User Interface program (AUI) provides clean pre- and post-processing capabilities in favor of all the ADINA solution programs.
- ADINA Modeler
The ADINA Modeler (ADINA-M) is ~y add-on module to the AUI that provides stable modeling capabilities and direct integration by all other Parasolid-based CAD systems.
- CAD/CAE Interfaces
Through the ADINA Modeler, users have power to directly import Parasolid-based (e.g., NX, SolidWorks, and SolidEdge) CAD geometry. We too provide interface programs to major systems similar as I-DEAS and Femap. Where a aim interface is currently not available (e.g., CATIA), the geometry have power to be imported via our IGES interface.

ADINA System v8.9.0 (x64/x86)


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