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Mus2 v2.0.4 & Downloads

Mus2 v2.0.4

Mus2 v2.0.4 | 102.0 MB

Mus2 is ~y easy to use and handy harmony software designed to help you notate microtonal works and symphony. The application comes with support on account of microtonal MIDI recording and playback options. It allows you to labor with non-12-TET tunings and rise and fall systems, offering you full control past the lines and pitches.

New in Mus2
Microtonal MIDI recording
Improved implement sound samples and better playback
Special navigation fashion for Turkish music notation
Bar say over signs
Ahenk (diapason) options for duplicating tunings and transposal in Holdrian commas
Adjustable MIDI lance bend range
Metronome instrument options

Custom Accidentals

Import symbols from vector graphics and music fonts into Mus2 to create your concede accidentals. Not only can you easily rectify the layout and musical meaning of these symbols, you be possible to also use them with notes and in elucidation signatures just like any other not designed. For a quick start, Mus2 comes withquartertone symbols and accidentals used in Turkish classical and folk melody.

Intonationally Correct Playback

Hear your notch performed by sampled acoustic and electronic instruments in at all tuning. Mus2 understands and plays back the articulations, ornaments, dynamic markings and other symbols in your ground. The polyphony (number of simultaneous notes) restraint commonly found in other MIDI-based microtonal solutions does not have life in Mus2. When you do urgency the sound processing capabilities of other symphony software, simply export your score considered in the state of a MIDI, Wave or AIFF toothed.

Microtonal MIDI RecordingNEW!

Connect a keyboard or in ~ degree other MIDI-compatible instrument and witness music in any tuning. You can create key mappings for your tunings to cast each key to an arbitrary toss and, thanks to Mus2's microtonal pattern, get real-time intonationally accurate playback. Once you're done recording and editing with the built-in sequencer, alone copy the recorded passage and paste it onto a bat.

Simple Workflow

All the notation tools in Mus2 are in the toolstrip at the left brink; beginning of the screen. The toolstrip prevents of the sight clutter by showing the options that apply to the currently selected tool no other than. To add a symbol to the page, choose it from the toolstrip and tick on the page–the symbol is automatically placed, and overall layout updated in the manner that necessary.

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Mus2 v2.0.4 & Downloads
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Latest update: Sunday, 26, Mar, 2017
Mus2 v2.0.4 & Downloads :

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