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AJC Sync

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AJC Sync allows you to admit of comparison or synchronize large numbers of files and folders betwixt multiple pairs of locations. These locations may subsist on the same computer, another computer or artifice over a network, an attached impel or memory stick, FTP server, throng service etc. AJC Sync is ~y ideal backup solution for your PC, laptop or server.

Files be able to be synchronised by transferring in common direction or both directions according to a note of comparison rules. A user friendly sync plan shows you exactly the sort of is going to happen to your files, giving you clean confidence and control. The built in diff can show you exactly what has changed in your files.

The sync mode of operation can be run with full optic control, via the command line or on a regular basis via the scheduler. Full logging, reporting and emailing is with the understanding to notify you about what happened. An archiving politeness is provided to store multiple versions of files allowing reverse to recover from mistakes.

Your synchronize or backup jobs are organised in sync projects. Each purpose can have one or more pairs of locations to donjon in sync. Each location may exist on any Windows accessible drive, network, USB stick etc or FTP server. The home tab gives you one overview of these pairs, showing a digest of the sync direction and after all the rest backup time.

Different images can exist selected to help you visuallise the sync locations. Throughout the practice color coding is used so you be possible to tell if files exist only forward one side of the sync pair or both.

Starting an interactive sync give by ~ then take you to the sync prepare tab so you can see the sort of will happen to your files


· Windows explorer gnomon interface.
· Shows two directory structures and overlays them by color coding.
· You can besides synchronize via FTP.
· Very contented to use with wizards and hints to save you.
· Review all file ~rence or delete actions before they take place.
· Easily schedule your project for automatic synchronization using the full integration by the Windows scheduler.
· Built in archiving rule lets you undo if a toothed is overwritten or deleted by mistaking during the synchronization. Multiple versions of files are stored in like manner you can go back to every older version of a file. This is compatible through AJC Active Backup.
· All settings have power to be saved as a project towards later use.
· Recursive comparison of directory trees.
· You have power to specify what directory patterns to contain or exclude from the explorer look on.
· You can specify what toothed patterns to include or exclude from the explorer see.
· Colors show if a directory or file exists on one side or both sides.
· Files can be opened, deleted, renamed, cut, copied, pasted etc.
· Sort files ~ means of name, extension, modified date, size etc
· You be able to compare the file contents using the built in AJC Diff program included at liberty. This can do text and double file comparison.
· Directory structure and toothed views can be cached in recollection for faster access on slow networks.
· Files and directories be possible to be specifically excluded from the synchronization protuberance.
· File and directory patterns have power to be excluded from the synchronization suit.
· You can synchronize the well directory structure or just selected directories or files.
· Synchronization have power to include/exclude sub directories.
· You can synchronize in one direction or as well-as; not only-but also; not only-but; not alone-but ways at the same time.
· Customizable synchronization analysis of the process of reasoning: newer/older/equal modification date and/or larger/smaller/degree file size. Can choose to transmit files that only exist on the one and the other sides.
· When synchronizing in united direction you can delete files in the destination directory that are not in the head. This is useful for creating a directory paragon.
· Can ignore an hour misunderstanding in modification stamps to take importance of the way different operating systems deal through daylight saving changes.
· Can cope whenever file date stamps are different by a few seconds due to actuality rounded differently by different operating systems.

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