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Anvil Studio 2015.04.02

Anvil Studio screenshot

Anvil Studio is a adroit program designed for people who wish for to: record music with MIDI and Audio accoutrement, compose music for MIDI and Audio gear, sequence music with MIDI equipment, or hover with music using a computer and well-grounded card.


· Editors: Staff, Lyrics, Piano Roll, Drum, Loops, Audio, Events.
· File formats: criterion .MID and .WAV files.
· Includes expanded integrated help.
Piano Roll / Rhythm reviser and corrector with:
· multi-level loops
· loops be able to refer to notes, other loops, samples, or Riffs.
· Import, make an entry of and edit audio samples and perform on them like drums.
· any remark duration down to 1/128th notes.
· dynamic editing under which circumstances the song is playing, making it easier to exact trial with rhythms.
· duplet, quintuplet, and septuplet notes.
· Enter notes from from without MIDI device, on-screen guitar gall board, on-screen piano keyboard, or through dragging notes to the staff.
· Per-trace On/Mute/Solo, device, instrument, route, fader, pan, and effects controls.
For screens larger than 800 x 600, it shows:
· up to 25 tracks of accusation displayed at the same time.
· zoomed-completely view of notes and wave data for all tracks at the like time.
· option to play notes at the same time that mouse moves over them, making it easier to fast locate a spot in the melody.
· Dynamically change track volumes, mutes, instruments, and personal estate properties while a song continues to personate a character.
· Fast loading and scrolling of capacious MIDI files.
· Time and Duration fields spread time in Minute:Second:Frame(SMPTE), or Measure:Beat:Ticks, or scantling format.
· Metronome includes tempo, spend-in, and accent beat attributes.
· Add Cue points despite quickly positioning to a desired dapple in the song.
· Play desire for playing hours of different lay files.
· File/Truncate menu to lessen the duration of .MID files.
· File/Merge Song menu towards copying tracks between .MID files.
· Add colors music notation including: slur, crescendo, decrescendo, fermata, trickle, repeat, D.C., D.S., segno, coda, prima volta, seconda volta, pp, p, mp, mf, f, ff
· User-defined keyboard shortcuts.
· Control Record/Play/Stop functions remotely using any MIDI controllers such at the same time that a Foot Switch, Modulation wheel.
· Free interpretation has built-in patch-library act for SoundFont®-compatible sound cards.
· Supports the Tascam US-428 External Mixing cheer.
· Runs on Windows 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000, XP, Vista (32-get the ~s on versions)
· ASIO, VST, VST-Instrument, and Automation play with optional Pro-Mix accessory.

· Free version allows you to record and superintend the publication of a single, stereo or mono, the same minute audio track.
· Optional $19 Multi-Audio 1/8 accessory allows you to record and unite up to 8 stereo/mono audio tracks, at which place recording time is limited by available free disk space.
· Uses Windows Audio Format Converters to significance/export WMA and other audio formats.
· Mix audio files with different formats (bits per sample, samples by means of second).
· Controls for sound-card figure.
· Mix all tracks down to a pure .WAV file.
· Set record and caper start and end times to dominion government which range get recorded for Punch-in to re-memorial over mistakes.
· Record audio tracks from ~ one sound card’s Mono, Left, Right or Stereo channels, from some soundcard source including Microphone, Line-In, CD-Audio, etc.
· Audio furniture: native reverb, native EQ, third-litigant DirectX effects.
· Audio filters: zero-range, pitch change, volume change, pan, filtering, revoke, normalize (to maximize a track’s principal part-room), low-pass, high-pass, crew-pass, and band-stop.
· VU meters
· Zoom in to the specimen level
· Per-sample Volume, Pan and Reverb controls
· Record each Audio device’s Left or Right chamfer to a track by itself.
· Mix stereo and mono Audio tracks in the same song to a stereo or mono unite with.
· Split a stereo audio trace into two mono tracks.
· Change audio tracks betwixt Mono and Stereo without erasing the path.
· Paste Stereo to Mono and Mono to Stereo.
· Import .WAV files to audio tracks or sampled rhythms.

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