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Scienc66-GDmath9 4.1.0

Scienc66-GDmath9 4.1.0
Scienc66-GDmath9 4.1.0 | 57 Mb

GDmath9 Microsoft Word templates that provide tools to write documents using new tabs and groups/toolbars for all kind of Maths and Science purposes.

draw additions, subtractions, multiplications, divisions as done with the pencil


The Geometre: a tool for building geometrical drawing
Draw points and intervals on a line with graduations
Extend remarkable lines on triangles, and so on-
Inner and outer circles on triangles, quadrilaterals-
Draw usual geometric figures from the length of their sides and/or angle: angle, triangle, square, rectangle, rhombus, parallelogram, trapezoid
Draw simple pie-diagram, bar-graph, protractor
Draw the remarkable lines of a triangle
Draw 3D objects: earth globe, cube, tetrahedron (solid, translucent, wireframe)
Draw usual instruments: rule, compass, set square, protractor, pen (fits on the selected line segment)
Draw 3D foldings (tetrahedron, cube, cuboid, prism, cylinder) that you can fold and unfold


Graphing functions, lines, segments, points
Represent a fraction with a disc, a square, rectangles
Draw rows of small squares, triangles, hexagons
Draw networks of points: squares, triangles


From a list of commands:
Draw point A, Draw point B, Draw point I as midpoint of segment AB, etc-
Draw a geometric figure
Draw triangles, quadrilaterals


Scienc66-GDmath9 4.1.0

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