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Tails 0.6.2 LiveCD

Tails 0.6.2 LiveCD
Tails 0.6.2 LiveCD
English | Linux | 552 MB

The Amnesic Incognito Live System is aimed at preserving your privacy and anonymity:

* All outgoing connections to the Internet are forced to go through the Tor network;
* No trace is left on local storage devices unless explicitly asked
* Multi Language

The Amnesic Incognito Live System includes, among 2GB of software:

* Tor and the Vidalia graphical frontend
* Firefox preconfigured with:
o Torbutton for anonymity and protection against evil javascript
o FireGPG for e-mail encryption
o all cookies are treated as session cookies by default; the CS Lite extension provides more fine-grained cookie control for those who need it
* Claws Mail e-mail client, with user-friendly GnuPG support
* GNOME, an intuitive and attractive desktop environment
* Pidgin preconfigured with OTR for Off-the-Record Messaging
* Aircrack-ng for wireless networks auditing
* Gimp and Inkscape to edit images
* Scribus for page layout
* Gobby for collaborative text writing
* Audacity for recording and editing sounds
* Poedit to edit .po files
* onBoard virtual keyboard as a countermeasure against hardware keyloggers
* XSane and SANE for scanner support
* Shamir’s Secret Sharing using gfshare and ssss
* user-friendly LUKS-encrypted storage devices support, such as USB memory sticks
* NetworkManager for easy network configuration
* can be run as a virtualized guest inside VirtualBox

Tails 0.6.2 LiveCD
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Latest update: Sunday, 26, Mar, 2017
Tails 0.6.2 LiveCD :

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